HP catalogue page 0050718 - Discounted new and refurbished parts and maintenance for HP - Worldwide sales: <b>+44 845 643 1180</b> — 513075-999-DKRV, 513075-999-DKTH, 513075-999-DKV, 513075-999-DKV7, 513075-999-DKWY, 513075-999-DLPS, 513075R-999-DJ62, 513075R-999-DJPV, 513075R-999-DJQ6, 513075R-999-DKG4, 513075R-999-DKGK, 513075R-999-DKGS, 513075R-999-DKH1, 513075R-999-DKRV, 513075R-999-DKTH, 513075R-999-DKV7, 513075R-999-DKWY, 513075R-999-DLPS, 514N, 516282-045,

Part found on catalogue page 0050718 — Worldwide sales: +44 845 643 1180

Vendor Part Code Description
HP 513075-999-DKRVHP - 513075-999-DKRVCheck Availability
HP 513075-999-DKTHHP - 513075-999-DKTHCheck Availability
HP 513075-999-DKVHP - 513075-999-DKVCheck Availability
HP 513075-999-DKV7HP - 513075-999-DKV7Check Availability
HP 513075-999-DKWYHP - 513075-999-DKWYCheck Availability
HP 513075-999-DLPSHP - 513075-999-DLPSCheck Availability
HP 513075R-999-DJ62HP 8740w W7P 64 i7 840QM 1 86GHz 500GB 2GB DVDRW LS 17WUXGA WLAN BT ATI M7820 1GB Cam Rmkt NB PC - 513075R-999-DJ62Check Availability
HP 513075R-999-DJPVHP 8740w W7P 64 i7 820QM 1 73GHz 300GB 4GB DVDRW LS 17WUXGA WLAN BT Quadro FX 2800M 1GB Rmkt NB PC - 513075R-999-DJPVCheck Availability
HP 513075R-999-DJQ6HP 8740w W7P 64 i7 740QM 1 73GHz 250GB 4GB DVDRW LS 17WUXGA WLAN BT Quadro FX 2800M 1GB Rmkt NB PC - 513075R-999-DJQ6Check Availability
HP 513075R-999-DKG4HP 8740w W7P 64 i7 820QM 1 73GHz 500GB 8GB DVDRW LS 17WSXGA WLAN BT Quadro FX 2800M 1GB Rmkt NB PC - 513075R-999-DKG4Check Availability
HP 513075R-999-DKGKHP 8740w W7P 64 i7 840QM 1 86GHz 250GB 8GB DVDRW LS 17WUXGA WLAN BT FX 3800M 1GB Cam Rmkt NB PC - 513075R-999-DKGKCheck Availability
HP 513075R-999-DKGSHP 8740w W7P 64 i7 820QM 1 73GHz 500GB 8GB BluRay 17WUXGA WLAN BT ATI M7820 1GB Cam Rmkt NB PC - 513075R-999-DKGSCheck Availability
HP 513075R-999-DKH1HP 8740w W7P 64 i7 720QM 1 6GHz 250GB 4GB DVDRW LS 17WUXGA WLAN BT Quadro FX 2800M 1GB Rmkt NB PC - 513075R-999-DKH1Check Availability
HP 513075R-999-DKRVHP 8740w W7P 64 i7 740QM 1 73GHz 250GB 4GB DVDRW LS 17WUXGA WLAN BT FX 2800M 1GB Cam Rmkt NB PC - 513075R-999-DKRVCheck Availability
HP 513075R-999-DKTHHP 8740w W7P 64 i7 820QM 1 73GHz 300GB 4GB DVDRW LS 17WUXGA WLAN BT Quadro FX 2800M 1GB Rmkt NB PC - 513075R-999-DKTHCheck Availability
HP 513075R-999-DKV7HP 8740w W7P 64 i7 740QM 1 73GHz 500GB 8GB DVDRW LS 17WUXGA WLAN BT FX 3800M 1GB Cam Rmkt NB PC - 513075R-999-DKV7Check Availability
HP 513075R-999-DKWYHP 8740w W7P 64 i7 940XM 2 13GHz 500GB 8GB BluRay DVDRW 17WUXGA WLAN BT Quadro FX 5000M 1GB Cam Rmkt - 513075R-999-DKWYCheck Availability
HP 513075R-999-DLPSHP 8740w W7P 64 i7 720QM 1 6GHz 500GB 4GB DVDRW LS 17WSXGA WLAN BT ATI M7820 1GB Cam Rmkt NB PC - 513075R-999-DLPSCheck Availability
HP 514NHP PAVILION TOWER - 514NCheck Availability
HP 516282-045HP ML350 G6 TOWER 1*E5504 12GB P410I 2*PSU DVD *90 DAYS WNTY* - 516282-045Check Availability
On this site you can buy new or refurbished equipment. All equipment comes with a warranty and service contracts are available on most hardware.

How our service works

Real choice and value since 1989
As an independent third party in an increasingly commodity-based market we are able to shop within a variety of markets to offer the best deal, the widest range of equipment options and special products both new and pre-owned. Use our expertise in many leading vendors to get the hardware you need.

Rapid parts delivery - same day service
Got an urgent problem and need to get a part in a hurry? Com-Com have delivered urgently required parts for thousands of companies. On many occasions parts have been delivered within hours, regardless of UK location.

Supply of legacy hardware
Want to keep your server running? We supply upgrades and spare parts for machines - no matter what age. We appreciate the significant investment you have made in your technology and provide a bridge between the 'end of life' of a product as far as vendors are concerned and the end of its useful life to you the customer.

Supply, installation and maintenance
High quality specialist engineering resources are on hand for building, testing and configuring systems, upgrades and parts. Technical support and product specialists provide advice and back up.

Across the world to your doorstep
Com-Com have supplied equipment to over 100 countries worldwide. Next day delivery into Europe, 2 Day lead times for delivery in the US, Canada and major centres in Africa, South America and Asia are all regularly achieved. Slower and cheaper options are available for less critical or bulkier items.

Here is a small sample of the praise Com-Com services regularly receive from our customers:

"When my server room got flooded and my main file server’s power supply blew, you can imagine how stressed I was. All my colleagues could not work until I got it fixed. Everyone I phoned said the same old story “Delivery in 5-7 days”. When you said three hours even though you did not have the part in stock I almost laughed at you. Well, to my disbelief, 3.5 hours later my new power supply is fully installed and my server is up and running again.

Many thanks for your excellent service and FAST delivery. I wish all companies had service levels of this high calibre." Leon Brits
IT Specialist
impi Group

"Having a company working with us who knows and understands our system and work flow helps short cut a lot of time wasting. They also understand the shortfalls in our own technical capabilities this helps us tremendously particularly with the telephone support we get." IT manager - Police

"Several years ago, our server support provider withdrew products from maintenance, which, had we passed that on to our end-user, would have forced some end users into a review of their system, at a time that was not of their choosing. The grumblings we heard were not favourable. After researching a number of support providers, and checking the references that were offered we settled on Com-Com. We have not looked back since." Diane Dooling - Road Tech Computer Systems

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Mission-critical IT server support for customers in the UK and across the world. Our nationwide and international coverage delivers the SLA you need wherever you are.

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"Com-Com were more than happy to leave on site a vast amount of spare parts for a speedy recovery in the event of a hardware failure." Adam Redler - Yuasa Batteries

IT parts supply

  1. One : All equipment comes with a warranty.
  2. Two : Maintenance contracts are available on most hardware.
  3. Three : Some parts may not be in stock and whilst we can normally source all parts within a day or two, the cost of shipping can make low-priced parts relatively uneconomic.
  4. Four : Minimum order charge is £50 (100 US dollars, 80 euros).
  5. Five : Com-Com staff will search for you - since 1989 we have been sourcing parts worldwide from thousands of contacts. If your part is available somewhere in the world we'll find it and deliver it in a timely manner to wherever you need it.

Search for over 4 million parts and get availability from our stock and over 3,000 other suppliers.

For enquiries submitted before 3pm UK time on business days, we will do our best to get prices to you on the same day.

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