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Maintenance and Hardware for Dell PowerVault storage devices

Dell PowerVault Overview

Dell offer a broad range of storage devices within their PowerVault range.

Hardware and software maintenance for Dell PowerVault

Regardless of whether or not your Dell End of Service Life has passed we can continue the support for your Dell PowerVault.

We've been maintaining mission-critical IT systems for more than twenty years and we understand that your server and storage systems are the backbone of your business, accordingly our service levels are of the highest standards in order to keep your data on-line.

Listed below are Dell's designated End of Service Life dates (see Dell's web site for official release and EOSL dates), but Com-Com continue to supply parts, upgrades and complete arrays extending the life of equipment, providing greater ROI and freedom for customers to decide their own budgetary and migration timetables.

With a large inventory of quality Dell hardware, Com-Com provide immediate availability for all Dell networking parts. Dell qualified sales and engineering professionals can provide help with everything from the specification through to the installation, configuration and on-going support.

End of manufacturer support information is correct according to the information we have at the time of compilation. For the official manufacturer position you should contact Dell.

On-site hardware maintenance

Manufacturer/ModelEnd of
(some dates may be estimated)
Com-Com support
until date
Dell PV100T-DDS4 PowerVault 100T 20/40Gb DDS4 InternalUnknownOngoing
Dell PV110T PowerVault 110TUnknownOngoing
Dell PV110T-LTO2 PowerVault 110T - LTO2UnknownOngoing
Dell PV110T-LTO3 PowerVault 110T - LTO3UnknownOngoing
Dell PV110T-LTO4 PowerVault 110T - LTO4UnknownOngoing
Dell PV112T PowerVault 112T 1U with DDS4 20/40 Internal Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
Dell PV114T PowerVault 114TUnknownOngoing
Dell PV120T PowerVault 120T DLT AutoloaderUnknownOngoing
Dell PV122T PowerVault 122TUnknownOngoing
Dell PV124T PowerVault 124TUnknownOngoing
Dell PV130T PowerVault 130T DLT 20 Slot AutoloaderUnknownOngoing
Dell PV132T PowerVault 132T 1 or 2 SDLT/LTO Drives 21/24 slotsUnknownOngoing
Dell PV136T PowerVault 136TUnknownOngoing
Dell PV200S PowerVault 200S 8 Bay Storage SystemUnknownOngoing
Dell PV220S PowerVault 220SUnknownOngoing
Dell PV221S PowerVault 221SUnknownOngoing
Dell PV51F-8 PowerVault 51F-8 port FC SwitchUnknownOngoing
Dell PV630F PowerVault 630FUnknownOngoing
Dell PV725N PowerVault 725NUnknownOngoing
Dell PV735N PowerVault 735NUnknownOngoing
Dell PV745N PowerVault 745NUnknownOngoing
Dell PV770N PowerVault 770NUnknownOngoing
Dell PV775N PowerVault 775NUnknownOngoing
Dell PVDL2100 PowerVault DL2100 Backup-to-disk & Recovery with DeduplicationUnknownOngoing
Dell PVDL220 PowerVault DL2200UnknownOngoing
Dell PV-DP500 PowerVault DP500 Data Protection Disk Back-Up ApplianceUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-DP600 PowerVault DP600 Data Protection Disk Back-Up ApplianceUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-MD1000 PowerVault MD1000 Modular Disk Array (SAS/SATA) 15 Bay 3UUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-MD1120 PowerVault MD1120 Modular Disk Expansion Enclosure (SAS/SSD) 24 Bay 2U SFFUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-MD1200 PowerVault MD1200 Modular Disk Expansion Enclosure (SAS/SSD) 12 Bay 2U LFF2018-05-252025-05-25
Dell PV-MD1220 PowerVault MD1220 Modular Disk Expansion Enclosure (SAS/SSD) 24 Bay 2U SFFUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-MD3000 PowerVault MD3000 Modular Disk Array (SAS/SATA) 15 Bay 3UUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-MD3060E PowerVault MD3060e Dense Disk Expansion Drawer (SAS/SSD) 60 Bay 4UUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-MD3200 PowerVault MD3200 Modular Disk Array (SAS/SSD) 12 Bay 2U LFFUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-MD3200I PowerVault MD3200i iSCSI Disk Array (SAS/SSD) 12 Bay 2U LFFUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-MD3220 PowerVault MD3220 Modular Disk Array (SAS/SSD) 24 Bay 2U SFFUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-MD3220I PowerVault MD3220i iSCSI Disk Array (SAS/SSD) 24 Bay 2U SFFUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-MD3260 PowerVault MD3260 Modular Dense Disk Array (SAS/SSD) 60 Bay 4UUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-MD3260I PowerVault MD3260i iSCSI Dense Disk Array (SAS/SSD) 60 Bay 4UUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-MD3600F PowerVault MD3600f Fiber Channel (8Gb) Disk Array (SAS/SSD) 12 Bay 2U LFFUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-MD3600I PowerVault MD3600i (10Gb) iSCSI Disk Array (SAS/SSD) 12 Bay 2U LFFUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-MD3620F PowerVault MD3620f Fiber Channel (8Gb) Disk Array (SAS/SSD) 24 Bay 2U SFFUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-MD3620I PowerVault MD3620i (10Gb) iSCSI Disk Array (SAS/SSD) 24 Bay 2U SFFUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-MD3660F PowerVault MD3660f Fiber Channel (8Gb) Dense Disk Array (SAS/SSD) 60 Bay 4U SFFUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-MD3660I PowerVault MD3660i (10Gb) iSCSI Dense Disk Array (SAS/SSD) 60 Bay 4UUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-ML6010 PowerVault ML6010 1-2 Drive LTO Tape LibraryUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-ML6020 PowerVault ML6020 1 to 6 LTO Drive Tape Library 14UUnknownOngoing
Dell PVNF100 PowerVault NF100UnknownOngoing
Dell PVNF500 PowerVault NF500 Storage ServerUnknownOngoing
Dell NX200 PowerVault NX200 Network Attached Storage - Tower, 4 DriveUnknownOngoing
Dell NX3000 PowerVault NX3000 Network Attached Storage - 2U, 6 DriveUnknownOngoing
Dell NX3100 PowerVault NX3100 Network Attached Storage - 2U, 12 DriveUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-RD1000 PowerVault RD1000 Enclosure (excluding Removable Hard Drive Media)UnknownOngoing
Dell PVTL2000 PowerVault TL2000 24 slot 1 or 2 LTO HH Tape DrivesUnknownOngoing
Dell PV-TL4000 PowerVault TL4000 48 slot 1 to 4 LTO HH Tape DrivesUnknownOngoing

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