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IBM DS Series Overview

The DS Series is a family of SATA direct-attached storage arrays. Disks can be installed in the main chassis and can be expanded by attaching EXP810 or EXP710 disk cabinets. There are a range of models in the DS Series series with options for extra capabilities in terms of number of host connections, host partitions and expansion ports.

Parts and Upgrades

Com-Com's hardware brokerage division can supply and install parts or upgrades for the DS Series at a fraction of the price of buying new from the vendor.

If you require disk capacity or configuration assistance, contact us for a quotation.

IBM DS Series

Hardware Maintenance for IBM DS Series

Com-Com's trained IBM engineers will be able to fix your faulty DS Series hardware using only original parts sourced by our brokerage team. Our on-site support contracts offer more flexible service offerings to that of IBM, allowing you the option of mixing SLAs for critical and non-critical hardware. Combined with our flexible billing and the ability to pro-rate kit on and off the contract at any time - plus the added benefit of the provision of on-site spares, our support contracts offer excellent value for money.

On-site hardware maintenance

Manufacturer/ModelEnd of
(some dates may be estimated)
Com-Com support
until date
IBM 1750-511 IBM TotalStorage DS6800 Expansion Enclosure (1750-511)2015-09-302022-09-30
IBM 1746-XXX Storage DS3512 Storage System 1 or 2 Controller 12 SlotsUnknownOngoing
IBM 1746-XXXA Storage DS3524 Storage System 1 or 2 Controller 24 SlotUnknownOngoing
IBM 1814-94H Storage DS3950 16 Bay 8Gb FC Array UnknownOngoing
IBM 1814-98H Storage DS3950 16 Bay 8Gb FC/iSCSI Array 2016-12-312023-12-31
IBM 1814-92H Storage DS3950 EXP395 16 Bay Expansion Drawer2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1726-XXX Storage DS3X00 Array (includes up to 12 disk drives)UnknownOngoing
IBM 1700-XXX Storage DS400 14 Bay 2Gb FC Array2012-12-312019-12-31
IBM 1812-4618 Storage DS4000 1000 GB/7200 SATA E DDN2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-4619 Storage DS4000 1000 GB/7200 SATA EV DDN2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-5226 Storage DS4000 16-Pak 2 Gbps 300 GB/10K2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-5434 Storage DS4000 16-Pak 4 Gbps 146.8 GB/15K2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-4628 Storage DS4000 1TB 7200 rpm SATA E DDM22015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-5222 Storage DS4000 2 Gbps FC 146.8 GB/10K E-DDM2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-5233 Storage DS4000 2 Gbps FC 146.8 GB/15K E-DDM2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-5223 Storage DS4000 2 Gbps FC 300 GB/10K E-DDM2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-5231 Storage DS4000 2 Gbps FC 36.4 GB/15K E-DDM2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-5221 Storage DS4000 2 Gbps FC 73.4 GB/10K E-DDM2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-5232 Storage DS4000 2Gbps FC, 73.4 GB/15K E-DDM2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-5418 Storage DS4000 300GB 15000 rpm 4Gb FC E DDM22015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-5415 Storage DS4000 4 Gbps FC 300 GB/15K E-DDM2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-5412 Storage DS4000 4 Gbps FC 36.4 GB/15K E-DIMM2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-5416 Storage DS4000 4 Gbps FC 450 GB/15K E DDM2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-5417 Storage DS4000 4 Gbps FC 600 GB/15K E DDM2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-5413 Storage DS4000 4 Gbps FC 73.4 GB/15K E-DIMM2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-5414 Storage DS4000 4 Gbps FC,146.8 GB/15K E-DIMM2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-5419 Storage DS4000 450GB 15000 rpm 4Gb FC E DDM22015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1814-5413 Storage DS4000 4Gbps FC, 73.4 GB/15K E-DDM2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 17XX-5207 Storage DS4000 5207 146.8Gb 10K 2Gb FC Drive Nodule2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-4617 Storage DS4000 750 GB/7.2K SATA EV-DDM2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-4615 Storage DS4000 750 GB/7.2K SATA II E-DDM2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-4612 Storage DS4000 DS4200 500 GB SATA EV-DDM2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1710-XXX Storage DS4000 EXP100 Disk Expansion Unit 14 Bay2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1740-XXX Storage DS4000 EXP7X0 Expansion Unit2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1812-XXX Storage DS4000 EXP810 Expansion Unit no disk2018-01-312025-01-31
IBM 1724-XXX Storage DS4000/4100 (formerly FAStT100 EXP100)UnknownOngoing
IBM 1814-7VX Storage DS4200 4Gb FC Array Dual Controller 16 Bay SATAUnknownOngoing
IBM 1722-XXX Storage DS4300 2Gb FC (Fast T600) Array 14 Slot2014-12-312021-12-31
IBM 1814-7XX Storage DS4700 4Gb FC 16 Slot ArrayUnknownOngoing
IBM 1814-70A Storage DS4700 Express Model 70 2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1814-70H Storage DS4700 Express Model 70 2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1814-72A Storage DS4700 Express Model 72 2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1815-XXX Storage DS4800 4Gb FC Array Dual Controller2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1815-8XX Storage DS4800 Array2015-12-312022-12-31
IBM 1814-20A Storage DS5020 ArrayUnknownOngoing
IBM 1818-51A Storage DS5100 Storage Controller 4/8Gb FC or iSCSI2017-12-312024-12-31
IBM 1818-53A Storage DS5300 Storage System2017-12-312024-12-31

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