HP end-of-life product list and support options ProLiant, HP9000, StorageWorks, MSA, Blade

HP end-of-life product list and support options

Com-Com can keep your HP hardware running for a minimum of seven years past HP's 'end of support: hardware' date.

Even if your product can still be supported by HP, it is worth considering switching to our support:

HP will often carry on supporting products for many years longer than some other vendors. Prices however may rise considerably or in any case, Com-Com will always aim to save customers at least 40% on HP pricing.

Any information shown is correct according to the information we have at the time of compilation. For the official manufacturer position you should contact HP.

On-site hardware maintenance

Manufacturer/ModelEnd of
(some dates may be estimated)
Com-Com support
until date
HP BLC-8/24C-PWR 8/24c BladeSystem Pwr Pk+ SAN Switch (AJ822b)UnknownOngoing
HP QL243B HP 3PAR 16-Disk 4Gb Drive Chassis UnknownOngoing
HP QL289B HP 3PAR 2M F400 Base Cabinet UnknownOngoing
HP QL229B HP 3PAR 2-Pt 4Gb F-Class FC Adapter UnknownOngoing
HP QL232B HP 3PAR 4GB(2x2GBDIMM)F-Clas Cntrl Cache UnknownOngoing
HP QL253B HP 3PAR 4x600GB 15K 4Gb Sng-Drv Magazine UnknownOngoing
HP QL231B HP 3PAR 6GB(3x2GBDIMM)F-Class Data Cache UnknownOngoing
HP QL323B HP 3PAR DC 16Dsk 4G Drv Chassis Contr UnknownOngoing
HP QR613B HP 3PAR F 4x200GB 4G Sngl-SSD Mag UnknownOngoing
HP QL227B HP 3PAR INSERV F400 Configuration Base UnknownOngoing
HP QL340B HP 3PAR Service Processor UnknownOngoing
HP QL337B HP 3PAR Upg 4x600GB 4Gb 1-Drv Magazine UnknownOngoing
HP DL360G9 Proliant DL360 G9 Warranty upgrade available check pricingUnknownOngoing
HP IP-CONSOLE 4x1x16 IP Console Switch with Virtual MediaUnknownOngoing
HP A9897A 73Gb 15K U320 internal disk (A9897A)UnknownOngoing
HP ARUBA-2530 Aruba 2530 24G PoE+ Switch (J9773A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC-3800-24G Aruba 3800 24G 2SFP+ Switch (J9575A)UnknownOngoing
HP MSA2040-DC-SFF C8R15A - HP MSA 2040 SAN DC SFF Storage Warranty upgrade available check pricingUnknownOngoing
HP MSA2040-DC-LFF C8S54A - HP MSA 2040 SAN DC LFF StorageUnknownOngoing
HP DLT-8000 Compaq DLT8000 40/80GbUnknownOngoing
HP ALPHA-1000 DEC AlphaServer 1000UnknownOngoing
HP ALPHA-4000 DEC AlphaServer 4000UnknownOngoing
HP ALPHA-DS15 DEC AlphaServer DS15 6/1000EndedOngoing
HP ALPHA-DS25 DEC AlphaServer DS25 (DH-57AAB-AA)EndedOngoing
HP ALPHA-ES45 DEC AlphaServer ES45 (DH-68DBA-AA)UnknownOngoing
HP ALPHA-DS20E DEC AlphaServer Model DS20E2011-12-312018-12-31
HP ALPHA-ES40 DEC AlphaServer Model ES402007-12-312014-12-31
HP HSZ DEC HSZ Disk ControllerUnknownOngoing
HP TZ89 DEC TZ89 Tape Drive 40/80GbUnknownOngoing
HP DS2300 DS2300 Expansion CabinetUnknownOngoing
HP DS2400 DS2400 disk expansion shelfUnknownOngoing
HP PC4800-48G E4800-48G Ethernet Switch, 48x1Gbps Ports, 2 Slots(JD010A)UnknownOngoing
HP EML103E EML E-Series 103e Tape Library, 1-4 LTO FC Drives, 103 slots, 12U (AG104C)UnknownOngoing
HP EML245E EML E-Series 245e Tape Library, 1-8 LTO FC Drives, 245 slots, 25U (AG104C)UnknownOngoing
HP EML71E EML E-Series 71E Tape Library, 2-4 LTO FC Drives, 71 slots, 12-13U.UnknownOngoing
HP EVA-P6350 EVA P6350 2C10D with 600Gb SFF drives2017-01-312024-01-31
HP EVA-P6550 EVA P6550 2C20D with 600Gb SFF drives2017-01-312024-01-31
HP BLC-VC-ETH HP 1/10Gb-F VC-Enet Module (447047-B21)UnknownOngoing
HP KV4 HP 1x4 USB/PS2 KVM Console SwitchUnknownOngoing
HP J8706A HP 24-port Mini-GBIC for ZL chassisUnknownOngoing
HP D6000-2TB-6G HP 2TB 6G SAS 7.2K 3.5in DP MDL HDDUnknownOngoing
HP BLC-SAS-SWITCH HP 3Gb SAS Switch BladeSystem Dual Pack (AJ865A)UnknownOngoing
HP J8707A HP 4-port 10GbE X2 zl ModuleUnknownOngoing
HP BLC-6125XLG HP 6125XLG Ethernet Blade Switch (711307-B21)UnknownOngoing
HP A3311A HP A3311A Disk ArrayUnknownOngoing
HP A400 HP A400 PA-RISC Server (A7108C)UnknownOngoing
HP N2K-B22HP-P HP CISCO B22 FABRIC EXTENDER W/16 FET (657787-B21)UnknownOngoing
HP D6000-105TB HP D6000 3TB 6G SAS LFF MDL 105TB (QQ699A)UnknownOngoing
HP D6000-ENC HP D6000 Disk Enclosure (QQ695A)UnknownOngoing
HP D6000-IO HP D6000 Dual I/O Module Option Kit (QQ696A)UnknownOngoing
HP N4000-100-220 HP e3000 model N4000-100-220 Server (A6449B)UnknownOngoing
HP PC6200-24G HP E6200-24G-mGBIC yl SwitchUnknownOngoing
HP J8712A HP J8712A - 875W ZL POWER SUPPLYUnknownOngoing
HP PC2920-48G HP J9728A - 2920-48G SWITCHUnknownOngoing
HP M806X HP LaserJet Enterprise Printer (CZ245A)UnknownOngoing
HP N40L HP Micro G7 N40L NHP EU Svr (658553-421)UnknownOngoing
HP ML750 HP ML750 4-way ServerUnknownOngoing
HP P4000-G2 HP P4000 G2 1-Node Unified Nas Gateway (BV875A)UnknownOngoing
HP PRO-3010 HP Pro 3010 Desktop PCUnknownOngoing
HP J9091A HP ProCurve 8212ZL CHASSIS AND FAN TRAYUnknownOngoing
HP PC2620-48 HP ProCurve 2620 48 Port Switch (J9626A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC2530-48 HP ProCurve 48 Port Switch (J9855A)UnknownOngoing
HP MSM410 HP ProCurve MSM410 WW Intelligent POE Access Points (J9427B)UnknownOngoing
HP MSM460 HP ProCurve MSM460 Dual Radio Access Point (J9591A)UnknownOngoing
HP MSM710 HP ProCurve MSM710 Wireless LAN Controller (J9328A)UnknownOngoing
HP MSM760 HP ProCurve MSM760 Access Controller (J9421A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC2626-PWR HP ProCurve Switch 2626-PWR - switch - 24 ports - J8164AUnknownOngoing
HP PC2650-PWR HP Procurve Switch 2650-PWR 48-Port J8165AUnknownOngoing
HP PC4208VL HP ProCurve Switch Chassis 4208vl 1 Port Modular Chassis J8773AUnknownOngoing
HP DL980G7 HP Proliant DL980 G7 ServerUnknownOngoing
HP RP2400 HP rp2400 PA-RISC Server (A6109B)UnknownOngoing
HP SAN-SW-8/40 HP StorageWorks 8/40 24 to 40 port SAN Switch (AM870A, BR-5100, DS-5100, SAN40B-4))UnknownOngoing
HP SAN-SW-8/80 HP StorageWorks 8/80 80port Full Fabric SAN Switch (AM871A, BR-5300, DS-5300, SAN80B-4)UnknownOngoing
HP D2D4004I HP StorageWorks D2D4004i Backup System (EH938A)UnknownOngoing
HP MDS600 HP Storageworks MDS600 (AJ866A)UnknownOngoing
HP SO2900 HP StoreOnce 2900 Backup-NAS Server (BB910A)UnknownOngoing
HP 4220 HP StoreOnce 4220 Backup (BB855A)UnknownOngoing
HP 4220-UPGD HP StoreOnce 4220/4420 Upgrade Kit (EH995C)UnknownOngoing
HP P4530-450 HP StoreVirtual 4530 450GB SAS Storage (B7E25A)UnknownOngoing
HP P4530-600 HP StoreVirtual 4530 600GB SAS Storage (B7E26A)UnknownOngoing
HP ULT-6 HP Ulthrium 6 Tape Drive StandaloneUnknownOngoing
HP ULT-5 HP Ultrium Tape Drive StandaloneUnknownOngoing
HP VA7400 HP VA7400 Disk Controller (includes 15 drives)UnknownOngoing
HP WS460CG6 HP Workstation Blade 460c G6UnknownOngoing
HP WS460CG8 HP Workstation Blade 460c G8UnknownOngoing
HP X1400 HP X1400 G2 8TB SATA Network Storage System (BV855A)UnknownOngoing
HP X1600 HP X1600 Network Storage System (Up to 24Tb)UnknownOngoing
HP RA8000 HP/DEC RA8000 Disk Array p/n 380568-B21UnknownOngoing
HP SUNRISE HP/DEC Sunrise Disk Array part No A3312AUnknownOngoing
HP D370 HP9000 D370EndedOngoing
HP D380-1W HP9000 D380/1-Way Server (A3577A)UnknownOngoing
HP HASS HP9000 HASS Rack Storage Enclosure (A3312A)UnknownOngoing
HP K260-1W HP9000 K260 1/way Server (A3461A)EndedOngoing
HP K370-2W HP9000 K370/2-Way Server (A3663A)EndedOngoing
HP K420-2W HP9000 K420/2-Way ServerUnknownOngoing
HP K570-2W HP9000 K570 2-way Server (A3641A)UnknownOngoing
HP K580-2W HP9000 K580 2-way Server (A4837A)UnknownOngoing
HP N4000 HP9000 N4000 Server (RP7400)UnknownOngoing
HP R380 HP9000 R-Class R380 ServerUnknownOngoing
HP R390-2W HP9000 R-Class R390 2-Way ServerUnknownOngoing
HP RP2405 HP9000 RP2405 1 Way Server (A7121A)UnknownOngoing
HP RP2430 HP9000 RP2430UnknownOngoing
HP RP2450 HP9000 RP2450 (A500)UnknownOngoing
HP RP2470 HP9000 RP2470UnknownOngoing
HP RP2600 HP9000 RP2600UnknownOngoing
HP RP2620 HP9000 RP2620UnknownOngoing
HP RP2660 HP9000 RP2660UnknownOngoing
HP RP3410 HP9000 RP3410UnknownOngoing
HP RP3440 HP9000 RP3440UnknownOngoing
HP RP4440-2 HP9000 RP4440 2-Way PS8800 1.0Ghz SolutionUnknownOngoing
HP RP4440-4 HP9000 RP4440 4-Way PS8800 1.0Ghz SolutionUnknownOngoing
HP RP4440-8 HP9000 RP4440 8-Way PS8800 1.0Ghz SolutionUnknownOngoing
HP RP5400 HP9000 RP5400 (L1000/2000) ServerUnknownOngoing
HP RP5430 HP9000 RP5430EndedOngoing
HP RP5440 HP9000 RP5440UnknownOngoing
HP RP5470 HP9000 RP5470 (L3000) ServerEndedOngoing
HP RP7400 HP9000 RP7400UnknownOngoing
HP RP7410-4 HP9000 RP7410 4 Way Server (A9915A)UnknownOngoing
HP RP7420 HP9000 RP7420 ServerUnknownOngoing
HP RP8440 HP9000 RP8440 ServerUnknownOngoing
HP J9550A HPE 24-PORT GIG-T V2 ZL MODULEUnknownOngoing
HP J9537A HPE 24-PORT SFP V2 ZL MODULEUnknownOngoing
HP J9151A HPE X132 10G SFP+ LC LR TRANSCEIVERUnknownOngoing
HP ILO-ADVANCED iLO Advanced Software Support 5 Yrs CarePack U2WL6EUnknownOngoing
HP BL860C-I2 Integrity BL860c Blade i2 (AB399A)UnknownOngoing
HP BL870C Integrity BL870c (AH232A)UnknownOngoing
HP RX1620 Integrity RX1620EndedOngoing
HP RX2600 Integrity RX26002011-01-312018-01-31
HP RX2620 Integrity RX26202011-01-312018-01-31
HP RX2660 Integrity RX26602011-01-312018-01-31
HP RX2800I2 Integrity RX2800 i2 SeverUnknownOngoing
HP RX3600 Integrity RX36002011-01-312018-01-31
HP RX4640 Integrity RX4640 Server2011-01-312018-01-31
HP RX6600 Integrity RX6600 Sever2011-01-312018-01-31
HP RX7620 Integrity RX7620 SeverUnknownOngoing
HP RX8640-16W Integrity RX8640 16-Way ServerUnknownOngoing
HP SD-SX1000-32W Integrity Superdome SX1000 32-WayUnknownOngoing
HP SD-SX2000-32W Integrity Superdome SX2000 32-WayUnknownOngoing
HP J4858C J4858C HP ProCurve Gigabit-SX-LC SFPUnknownOngoing
HP P4300G2-16TB Lefthand P4300 G2 16Tb 2 x (8 x 1Tb 7.2k) SAS SAN (P/N BK715A) 2018-04-302025-04-30
HP P4300G2-7.2TB Lefthand P4300 G2 7.2Tb 2 x (8 x 450Gb ) SAS SAN (P/N BK716A) 2018-04-302025-04-30
HP P4500-10.8TB Lefthand P4500 10.8Tb (24 x 450 GB 15K) SAS Storage System (P/N AT011A, AX696A)UnknownOngoing
HP P4500-12TB Lefthand P4500 12Tb (12 x 1Tb 7.2k) SATA Storage System (P/N AT010A, AX703A)UnknownOngoing
HP P4500G2-120TB Lefthand P4500 G2 120TB SAN Array (BQ890A)UnknownOngoing
HP P4500G2-14.4TB Lefthand P4500 G2 14.4Tb 2 x (24 x 600Gb 15k) SAS SAN (P/N BQ888A)2018-04-302025-04-30
HP P4500G2-21.6TB-MS Lefthand P4500 G2 21.6TB (48 x 450Gb 6G 15k) SAS Multi-Site SAN (AX697A)UnknownOngoing
HP P4500G2-28.8TB-MS Lefthand P4500 G2 28.8Tb (48 x 600Gb 6G 15k) SAS SAN Multi Site/DR Solution Pack (P/N BQ889A) 2018-04-302025-04-30
HP P4500G2-3.6TB Lefthand P4500 G2 3.6Tb 12 x 300Gb 15K SAS Disk Drives (AX699A)2018-04-302025-04-30
HP P4500G2-5.4TB Lefthand P4500 G2 5.4TB SAS SAN (592100-001)UnknownOngoing
HP P4500G2-60TB Lefthand P4500 G2 60Tb (60 x 1Tb 3G 7.2k) MDL SAS SAN (P/N BK717A)2018-04-302025-04-30
HP P4500G2-7.2TB Lefthand P4500 G2 7.2Tb (12 x 600Gb 15k) SAS SAN (P/N AX701A)2018-04-302025-04-30
HP MSA2040-FLASH MSA 2040 SAN Dual Ctl Flash Bundle (M0T60A) Warranty upgrade available check pricingUnknownOngoing
HP MSA1040I-10GB-LFF MSA1040 2-Port 10GbE iSCSI Dual Controller LFF 12 Bay (E7W03A)UnknownOngoing
HP MSA1040I-10GB-SFF MSA1040 2-Port 10GbE iSCSI Dual Controller SFF 24 Bay (E7W04A)UnknownOngoing
HP MSA1040I-1GB-LFF MSA1040 2-Port 1GbE iSCSI Dual Controller LFF 12 Bay (E7W01A)UnknownOngoing
HP MSA1040I-1GB-SFF MSA1040 2-Port 1GbE iSCSI Dual Controller SFF 24 Bay (E7W02A) Warranty upgrade available check pricingUnknownOngoing
HP MSA1040FC-LFF MSA1040 2-Port FC Dual Controller LFF 12 Bay (E7V99A)UnknownOngoing
HP MSA1040FC-SFF MSA1040 2-Port FC Dual Controller SFF 24 Bay (E7W00A)UnknownOngoing
HP LC2000 Netserver LC2000 D9162AUnknownOngoing
HP LH3000R Netserver LH3000RUnknownOngoing
HP LPR Netserver LPRUnknownOngoing
HP TC2110 Netserver TC2110UnknownOngoing
HP 9309A Network Expansion Switch Module (SFP, 4 Ports) ZL ChassisUnknownOngoing
HP PC1700-24 Procurve 1700 24 port Ethernet Switch (J9080A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC-1800-24G ProCurve 1800-24G 24-Port Layer 2 Web Managed Gigabit Edge Switch (J9028A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC1810 Procurve 1810 24 port 10/100/1000 SwitchUnknownOngoing
HP PC2424 Procurve 2424 24 port switch (J4093A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC2510-24G Procurve 2510-24G 24 Port Gbit Ethernet Switch (J9279A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC2510-48G Procurve 2510-48G 48 Port Gbit Ethernet Switch (J9280A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC2524 Procurve 2524 24 port switchUnknownOngoing
HP PC2530-24 ProCurve 2530 24 Port Switch (J9854A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC2530-48G ProCurve 2530-48G-PoE+ Switch UnknownOngoing
HP PC2610-24 Procurve 2610 24 port 10/100 + 1000 Ethernet Switch (J9085A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC2610-48 Procurve 2610 48 port 10/100 + 1000 Ethernet Switch (J9088A, J9089A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC2620-24 ProCurve 2620 24 Port Switch (J9623A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC2708 Procurve 2708 8 port 10/100/1000 Ethernet Switch (J4898A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC2810-24G Procurve 2810 24 port GIgabyte Ethernet Switch (J9021A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC2810-48G Procurve 2810 48 port GIgabyte Ethernet Switch (J9022A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC2824 ProCurve 2824 Ethernet Switch (J4903A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC2848 ProCurve 2848 Switch (P/N J4904A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC2900-48G ProCurve 2900 48 port Gibabit Switch (J9050A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC2910-24G Procurve 2910-24G AL Switch (J9145)UnknownOngoing
HP PC2910-48G ProCurve 2910-48G AL Switch (J9147A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC4100GL-J4863A ProCurve 4100gl 6-Port 100/1000-T Module (J4863A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC4108GL ProCurve 4108gl Switch Chassis - 8 Module slots (J4865A)UnknownOngoing
HP J8708A ProCurve 4-port 10Gbit CX4 modules (J8708A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC5300-J4907A ProCurve 5300xl 16-Port 10/100/1000 Module (J4907A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC5308XL ProCurve 5308xl Switch Chassis - 8 Module slots 5U (J4819A)UnknownOngoing
HP J8697A ProCurve 5406zl Switch Chassis - 6 Module Slots (J8697A)UnknownOngoing
HP J8698A ProCurve 5412zl Switch Chassis - 12 Module slots 7U (J8698A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC5500-24G-SFP ProCurve 5500-24G-SFP EI layer 3 Switch (JD374A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC6120XG ProCurve 6120XG Blade Switch Gb Ethernet (P/N 498358-B21)2011-01-312018-01-31
HP PC6600ML-24G ProCurve 6600 Series Switch 24 PortUnknownOngoing
HP PC3500-48G-POE ProCurve E3500-48G-PoE yl (J8693A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC-E5412 ProCurve E5412-92G-POE+2XG V2 ZL Switch (J9532A)UnknownOngoing
HP PC5820AF-24XG ProCurve JG219A - 5820AF-24XG SWITCHUnknownOngoing
HP J9308A ProCurve Switch zl 20-Port 10/100/1000 PoE+/4-Port SFP Module UnknownOngoing
HP PCV1910-16G Procurve V1910-16G Switch (JE005A)UnknownOngoing
HP J8705A ProCurve zl 20-Port Gig-T/4-Port Mini-GBIC zl Module (J8705A)UnknownOngoing
HP J8702A ProCurve zl 24-Port 10/100/1000 PoE zl Module (J8702A)UnknownOngoing
HP J9534A ProCurve zl 24-port Gig-T PoE+ v2 zl Module (J9534A)UnknownOngoing
HP J9538A ProCurve zl 8-port 10 GbE SFP+ v2 zl Module (J9538A)UnknownOngoing
HP J8726A ProCurve ZL Chassis management moduleUnknownOngoing
HP 1600 ProLiant 1600EndedOngoing
HP 1850R ProLiant 1850REndedOngoing
HP 3000 ProLiant 3000EndedOngoing
HP 5500 ProLiant 5500 ServerEndedOngoing
HP 6400R ProLiant 6400R2007-12-312014-12-31
HP 6500R ProLiant 6500REndedOngoing
HP 7000R ProLiant 7000REndedOngoing
HP 850R ProLiant 850REndedOngoing
HP BL20PG1 ProLiant BL20p G1 BladeEndedOngoing
HP BL20PG2 ProLiant BL20p G2 Blade2012-12-312019-12-31
HP BL20PG3 ProLiant BL20p G3 Blade2012-12-312019-12-31
HP BL20PG4 Proliant BL20p G4 Blade2012-12-312019-12-31
HP BL25PG1 ProLiant BL25p G1 Blade2012-03-312019-03-31
HP BL25PG2 ProLiant BL25p G2 Blade2012-12-312019-12-31
HP BL280CG6 ProLiant BL280c G6 Blade2012-12-312019-12-31
HP BL2X220CG5 ProLiant BL2x220c G5 Blade2012-12-312019-12-31
HP BL420CG8 Proliant BL420c G8 Blade Server Warranty upgrade available check pricingUnknownOngoing
HP BL45PG1 ProLiant BL45p G1 Blade2012-12-312019-12-31
HP BL45PG2 ProLiant BL45p G2 Blade2012-12-312019-12-31
HP BL460CG1 ProLiant BL460c G1 Blade2012-09-192019-09-19
HP BL460CG5 ProLiant BL460c G5 Blade2014-10-312021-10-31
HP BL460CG6 ProLiant BL460c G6 Blade2016-06-302023-06-30
HP BL460CG7 ProLiant BL460c G7 Blade2018-02-282025-02-28
HP BL460CG8 ProLiant BL460c G8 Blade Warranty upgrade available check pricingUnknownOngoing
HP BL460CG9 Proliant BL460C G9 Blade Server Warranty upgrade available check pricingUnknownOngoing
HP BL465CG1 ProLiant BL465c G1 Blade2013-10-312020-10-31
HP BL465CG5 ProLiant BL465c G5 Blade2015-12-312022-12-31
HP BL465CG6 ProLiant BL465c G6 Blade2015-12-312022-12-31
HP BL465CG7 ProLiant BL465c G7 Blade2017-12-312024-12-31
HP BL465CG8 ProLiant BL465c G8 Blade Warranty upgrade available check pricingUnknownOngoing
HP BL480CG1 ProLiant BL480c G1 BladeEndedOngoing
HP BL490CG6 ProLiant BL490c G6 Blade2016-03-312023-03-31
HP BL490CG7 ProLiant BL490c G7 Blade2017-12-312024-12-31
HP BL495CG5 ProLiant BL495c G5 Blade2016-03-312023-03-31
HP BL620CG7 ProLiant BL620c G7 Blade2016-03-312023-03-31
HP BL660C-G8 ProLiant BL660c G8 Blade ServerUnknownOngoing
HP BL680CG5 ProLiant BL680c G5 Blade2016-03-312023-03-31
HP BL680CG7 ProLiant BL680c G7 Blade2016-03-312023-03-31
HP BL685CG1 Proliant BL685c G1 Blade2016-03-312023-03-31
HP BL685CG5 Proliant BL685c G5 Blade2016-03-312023-03-31
HP BL685CG6 Proliant BL685c G6 Blade2016-03-312023-03-31
HP BL685CG7 ProLiant BL685c G7 BladeUnknownOngoing
HP BLC-C3000 ProLiant Blade Centre c-Class c3000 Chassis2016-02-122023-02-12
HP BLC-C7000 ProLiant Blade Centre c-Class c7000 Chassis Warranty upgrade available check pricingUnknownOngoing
HP BLC-C7000P ProLiant Blade Centre c-Class c7000 Platinum ChassisUnknownOngoing
HP BLC-P-CLASS ProLiant Blade Centre p-Class EnclosureUnknownOngoing
HP BLC-ETH-MD ProLiant Blade Centre VC 1/10GB Ethernet Module Opt (399593-B22)EndedOngoing
HP BLC-ETH-CISCO-1GBE ProLiant Blade Centre VC 1GbE Ethernet Module 16 Port (432904-001)UnknownOngoing
HP BLC-C-SWITCH-4/12 ProLiant Blade Centre VC 4/12 4Gb SAN Switch 12 port (AE370A)UnknownOngoing
HP BLC-C-SWITCH-4/24 ProLiant Blade Centre VC 4/24 4Gb SAN Switch (AE372A)UnknownOngoing
HP BLC-4GB-FC ProLiant Blade Centre VC 4GB FC Module Opt (409513-B21)UnknownOngoing
HP BLC-C-SWITCH-8/12 ProLiant Blade Centre VC 8/12C 8Gb SAN Switch (AJ820A)UnknownOngoing
HP BLC-C-8/24C-FC ProLiant Blade Centre VC 8/24c 8GB 24-Port FC Module (AJ821A, AJ821B,489865-001)UnknownOngoing
HP BLC-8GB-FC ProLiant Blade Centre VC 8GB 24-Port FC Module (466482-B21)UnknownOngoing
HP BLC-CBS3020 ProLiant Blade Centre VC Catalyst Blade Switch 3020 (410916-B21)UnknownOngoing
HP BLC-C3020 ProLiant Blade Centre VC Cisco Catalyst Blade Switch 3020 1GBE (432904-001)UnknownOngoing
HP BLC-ETH-PT ProLiant Blade Centre VC Ethernet Pass-Through Module (406740-B21)UnknownOngoing
HP BLC-ETH-10GB ProLiant Blade Centre VC Flex-10 10Gb Ethernet Module C-Class (455880-B21, 591973-B21)UnknownOngoing
HP BLC-10/10D Proliant Blade Centre VC Flex-10/10D Module C-Class (638526-B21)UnknownOngoing
HP BLC-FF-10GB24 ProLiant Blade Centre VC FLEXFABRIC 10GB 24-Port Module (571956-B21 )UnknownOngoing
HP BLC-C-SWITCH-GBE2C ProLiant Blade Centre VC GBE2C Layer 2/3 Ethernet SwitchEndedOngoing
HP BLC-C-SWITCH-ETH ProLiant Blade Centre VC Gbit Ethernet Switch 16 portUnknownOngoing
HP DL100G2 ProLiant DL100 G2 Storage Server2013-02-012020-02-01
HP DL120G5 ProLiant DL120 G5EndedOngoing
HP DL120G6 ProLiant DL120 G62013-02-012020-02-01
HP DL120G7 ProLiant DL120 G72013-02-012020-02-01
HP DL120G9 ProLiant DL120 G9 server Warranty upgrade available check pricingUnknownOngoing
HP DL140G1 ProLiant DL140 G12013-02-012020-02-01
HP DL140G2 ProLiant DL140 G22010-12-312017-12-31
HP DL140G3 ProLiant DL140 G32013-12-312020-12-31
HP DL145-G1 ProLiant DL145 G12010-12-312017-12-31
HP DL145G2 ProLiant DL145 G22010-12-312017-12-31
HP DL145G3 ProLiant DL145 G32010-12-312017-12-31
HP DL160G5 ProLiant DL160 G52010-12-312017-12-31
HP DL160G5P Proliant DL160 G5pEndedOngoing
HP DL160G6 ProLiant DL160 G62010-12-312017-12-31
HP DL160G8 ProLiant DL160 G8 Warranty upgrade available check pricing2015-03-012022-03-01
HP DL160SEG6 Proliant DL160se G6EndedOngoing
HP DL165G5 Proliant DL165 G52015-03-012022-03-01
HP DL165G5P Proliant DL165 G5pEndedOngoing
HP DL165G6 ProLiant DL165 G62015-03-012022-03-01
HP DL165G7 Proliant DL165 G72015-03-012022-03-01
HP DL180G5 ProLiant DL180 G52015-03-012022-03-01
HP DL180G6 ProLiant DL180 G62015-03-012022-03-01
HP DL180G9 Proliant DL180 G9 Server Warranty upgrade available check pricingUnknownOngoing
HP DL180SEG6 Proliant DL180se G6UnknownOngoing
HP DL185G5 ProLiant DL185 G52015-03-012022-03-01
HP DL320G1 ProLiant DL320 G12012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL320G2 ProLiant DL320 G22012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL320G3 ProLiant DL320 G32012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL320G4 ProLiant DL320 G42012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL320G5 ProLiant DL320 G52012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL320G5P Proliant DL320 G5pEndedOngoing
HP DL320G6 ProLiant DL320 G62012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL320EG8 ProLiant DL320e G8 Warranty upgrade available check pricingUnknownOngoing
HP DL320S ProLiant DL320s Storage Server (12 x SAS or SATA HDD)UnknownOngoing
HP DL360G1 ProLiant DL360 G12007-12-312014-12-31
HP DL360G2 ProLiant DL360 G22008-11-042015-11-04
HP DL360G3 ProLiant DL360 G32010-01-312017-01-31
HP DL360G4 ProLiant DL360 G42011-03-312018-03-31
HP DL360G4P ProLiant DL360 G4P2012-02-282019-02-28
HP DL360G5 ProLiant DL360 G52014-11-302021-11-30
HP DL360G6 ProLiant DL360 G62016-04-302023-04-30
HP DL360G7 ProLiant DL360 G72018-04-302025-04-30
HP DL360EG8 ProLiant DL360e G8 Warranty upgrade available check pricing2015-05-012022-05-01
HP DL360PG8 ProLiant DL360p G8 Warranty upgrade available check pricing2015-09-012022-09-01
HP DL365G1 ProLiant DL365 G12015-06-012022-06-01
HP DL365G5 ProLiant DL365 G52011-06-142018-06-14
HP DL370G6 ProLiant DL370 G6UnknownOngoing
HP DL380G1 ProLiant DL380 G12006-12-312013-12-31
HP DL380G2 ProLiant DL380 G22008-10-162015-10-16
HP DL380G3 ProLiant DL380 G32010-01-312017-01-31
HP DL380G4 ProLiant DL380 G42012-02-282019-02-28
HP DL380G5 ProLiant DL380 G52014-11-302021-11-30
HP DL380G6 ProLiant DL380 G62016-04-302023-04-30
HP DL380G7 ProLiant DL380 G72018-04-302025-04-30
HP DL380EG8 ProLiant DL380e G8 Warranty upgrade available check pricing2015-09-012022-09-01
HP DL380PG8 ProLiant DL380p G8 Warranty upgrade available check pricing2015-09-012022-09-01
HP DL385G1 ProLiant DL385 G12012-02-282019-02-28
HP DL385G2 ProLiant DL385 G22013-09-302020-09-30
HP DL385G5 ProLiant DL385 G52014-06-302021-06-30
HP DL385G5P Proliant DL385 G5p2015-03-312022-03-31
HP DL385G6 ProLiant DL385 G62015-12-312022-12-31
HP DL385G7 ProLiant DL385 G72018-04-302025-04-30
HP DL385G8 ProLiant DL385 G8UnknownOngoing
HP DL560G1 ProLiant DL560 G12012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL560G8 ProLiant DL560 G8 Warranty upgrade available check pricingUnknownOngoing
HP DL580G1 ProLiant DL580 G12012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL580G2 ProLiant DL580 G22012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL580G3 ProLiant DL580 G32012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL580G4 ProLiant DL580 G42012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL580G5 ProLiant DL580 G52012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL580G7 ProLiant DL580 G72012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL580G8 ProLiant DL580 G8 Warranty upgrade available check pricingUnknownOngoing
HP DL585G1 ProLiant DL585 G12012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL585G2 ProLiant DL585 G22012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL585G5 ProLiant DL585 G52012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL585G6 ProLiant DL585 G62012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL585G7 ProLiant DL585 G72012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL60G9 ProLiant DL60 G9 Warranty upgrade available check pricingUnknownOngoing
HP DL740G1 ProLiant DL740 G12012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL760G1 ProLiant DL760 G12012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL760G2 ProLiant DL760 G22012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL785G5 ProLiant DL785 G52012-06-012019-06-01
HP DL785G6 Proliant DL785 G6 ServerUnknownOngoing
HP MICROSERVER-G7 ProLiant MicroServer G7 - N36L (633724-001)UnknownOngoing
HP MICROSERVER-G8 ProLiant MicroServer G8 - G2020T (712318-XXX)UnknownOngoing
HP ML110G1 ProLiant ML110 G12012-06-012019-06-01
HP ML110G2 ProLiant ML110 G22012-06-012019-06-01
HP ML110G3 ProLiant ML110 G32012-06-012019-06-01
HP ML110G4 ProLiant ML110 G42012-06-012019-06-01
HP ML110G5 ProLiant ML110 G52015-05-302022-05-30
HP ML110G6 ProLiant ML110 G62015-05-302022-05-30
HP ML110G7 ProLiant ML110 G72015-05-302022-05-30
HP ML115G1 ProLiant ML115 G12015-05-302022-05-30
HP ML115G5 ProLiant ML115 G52015-05-302022-05-30
HP ML150G2 ProLiant ML150 G22015-05-302022-05-30
HP ML150G3 ProLiant ML150 G32015-05-302022-05-30
HP ML150G5 ProLiant ML150 G52014-08-302021-08-30
HP ML150G6 ProLiant ML150 G62014-08-302021-08-30
HP ML310G1 ProLiant ML310 G12014-08-302021-08-30
HP ML310G2 ProLiant ML310 G22014-08-302021-08-30
HP ML310G3 ProLiant ML310 G32014-08-302021-08-30
HP ML310G4 ProLiant ML310 G42014-08-302021-08-30
HP ML310G5 ProLiant ML310 G5UnknownOngoing
HP ML310EG8 ProLiant ML310e G8 Warranty upgrade available check pricingUnknownOngoing
HP ML310G5P ProLiant ML310p G5UnknownOngoing
HP ML330G2 ProLiant ML330 G22011-12-312018-12-31
HP ML330G3 ProLiant ML330 G32011-12-312018-12-31
HP ML330G6 ProLiant ML330 G6UnknownOngoing
HP ML350G2 ProLiant ML350 G22011-12-312018-12-31
HP ML350G3 ProLiant ML350 G32011-12-312018-12-31
HP ML350G4 ProLiant ML350 G42014-11-302021-11-30
HP ML350G4P ProLiant ML350 G4p2014-11-302021-11-30
HP ML350G5 ProLiant ML350 G52014-11-302021-11-30
HP ML350G6 ProLiant ML350 G62018-07-312025-07-31
HP ML350G8 ProLiant ML350 G8UnknownOngoing
HP ML350G9 Proliant ML350 G9 Warranty upgrade available check pricingUnknownOngoing
HP ML370G1 ProLiant ML370 G1EndedOngoing
HP ML370G2 ProLiant ML370 G2EndedOngoing
HP ML370G3 ProLiant ML370 G3EndedOngoing
HP ML370G4 ProLiant ML370 G42014-11-302021-11-30
HP ML370G5 ProLiant ML370 G52014-11-302021-11-30
HP ML370G6 ProLiant ML370 G6UnknownOngoing
HP ML530G1 ProLiant ML530 G12014-11-302021-11-30
HP ML530G2 ProLiant ML530 G22014-11-302021-11-30
HP ML570G1 ProLiant ML570 G12014-11-302021-11-30
HP ML570G2 ProLiant ML570 G22014-11-302021-11-30
HP ML570G3 ProLiant ML570 G32014-11-302021-11-30
HP ML570G4 ProLiant ML570 G42014-11-302021-11-30
HP SE326M1 Proliant SE326M1 (DL180 G6)2014-11-302021-11-30
HP AIO400T ProLiant Storage Server-All-In-One, AiO400t (AK292A)UnknownOngoing
HP SANWORKS-APP-II Sanworks Management Appliance II (PIII 1.26Ghz, 1Gb, 2 x 36Gb) - 189715-002UnknownOngoing
HP 2212FC Smart Array 2212 FC Array - 1 ControllerUnknownOngoing
HP SS-ENCL Smart Storage Rack Mount Enclosure (C4318B)UnknownOngoing
HP SN6000 SN6000 12-Pt Sngl Pwr FC Switch (BK780A)UnknownOngoing
HP SN6000B-24 SN6000B 48 port/24 port active Fibre Channel Switch (QK753B)UnknownOngoing
HP SN6000B-48 SN6000B 48 port/48 port active Fibre Channel Switch (QR480B)UnknownOngoing
HP 3PAR-2TB Storage 3PAR F2/400 - 4 x 2Tb 7200rpm SATA LFF Drive Magazine2016-11-302023-11-30
HP 3PAR-QL245B Storage 3PAR F2/400 - 4 x 300Gb 4Gb FC 15K LFF Drive Magazine2016-11-302023-11-30
HP 3PAR-F400-2N Storage 3PAR F400 - 2 Controller Nodes & 2 Drives Enclosures (QW961C)2016-11-302023-11-30
HP D2200SB Storage Blade D2200sbUnknownOngoing
HP SB40C Storage Blade SB40CUnknownOngoing
HP SB920C Storage Blade SB920C Ultrium LTO3 HH SASUnknownOngoing
HP ESL-LTO4 Storage ESL E-Series LTO4 1840 FC Tape Drive (AH194A)UnknownOngoing
HP ESL712E Storage ESL712e LTO Cartridge Library Base Frame (AA934C)UnknownOngoing
HP AIO1200R StorageWorks 1200r All-in-One (AiO) Storage SystemUnknownOngoing
HP DAT40EX Storageworks 20/40Gb 4mm DAT Tape Drive HH ExternalUnknownOngoing
HP DAT72-EX Storageworks 36/72Gb 4mm DAT72 Tape Drive ExternalUnknownOngoing
HP SW-400MP StorageWorks 400 MP Router Base (AG458A)UnknownOngoing
HP JBOD4314 Storageworks 4314 JBODUnknownOngoing
HP JBOD4354 Storageworks 4354 JBODUnknownOngoing
HP SW-5300-DDS3 StorageWorks 5300 - DDS3 12/24Gb DAT Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP SW-5300-DLT8000 StorageWorks 5300 - DLT8000 40/80 DLT Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP SW-5300-DVD StorageWorks 5300 - DVD Rom DriveUnknownOngoing
HP SW-5300-ULT StorageWorks 5300 - Ultrium DriveUnknownOngoing
HP SW-5300 StorageWorks 5300 3U 4-Bay Tape Enclosure (C7508A)UnknownOngoing
HP 6636VLS StorageWorks 6636 Virtual Library System (AH811B)UnknownOngoing
HP SW-8/20Q StorageWorks 8/20q 8Gbit 8 port Fibre Channel SwitchUnknownOngoing
HP SW-8/8 StorageWorks 8/8 SAN Switch (p/n AM866A - Brocade BR300)UnknownOngoing
HP D2600 StorageWorks D2600 12 Bay SAS / SATA Disk Enclosure (AJ940A)UnknownOngoing
HP D2D2503I StorageWorks D2D2503i Backup System (EH945A)UnknownOngoing
HP D2D2504I StorageWorks D2D2504i Backup System (EJ002A, EJ002B)UnknownOngoing
HP D2D4004FC StorageWorks D2D4004FC Base Back Up System (EH941A)UnknownOngoing
HP D2D4112 Storageworks D2D4112 Backup System (EH993A, B or C)UnknownOngoing
HP D2D4324 StorageWorks D2D4324 Base Back Up System (EH985A)UnknownOngoing
HP DS2100 Storageworks Disk Storage 2100 Array2013-12-312020-12-31
HP DS4124 Storageworks Disk Storage 4124 EnclosureUnknownOngoing
HP DS4254 Storageworks Disk Storage 4254 EnclosureUnknownOngoing
HP DS4400 Storageworks Disk Storage 4400 EnclosureUnknownOngoing
HP DS2405 StorageWorks DS2405 2Gb FC Array UnknownOngoing
HP M6412-AG691B StorageWorks EVA M6412 - 1Tb FATA Hard Drive (AG691B)UnknownOngoing
HP M6412-AG803A StorageWorks EVA M6412 - 450GB FC 15K Hard Drive (AG803A)UnknownOngoing
HP M6412-AP732B StorageWorks EVA M6412 - 600GB FC 10K Hard Drive (AP732B)UnknownOngoing
HP M6412-AJ872B StorageWorks EVA M6412 - 600GB FC 15K Hard Drive (AJ872B)UnknownOngoing
HP M6612 StorageWorks EVA M6612 3.5 Inch LFF SAS 12 Drive Enclosure (AJ832A)UnknownOngoing
HP M6625 StorageWorks EVA M6625 2.5 Inch SFF SAS 25 Drive Enclosure (AJ840A)UnknownOngoing
HP EVA-P6300 StorageWorks EVA P6300 Dual Controller ArrayUnknownOngoing
HP EVA-P6500 StorageWorks EVA P6500 Dual Controller Fibre Channel Array AJ938AUnknownOngoing
HP EVA4000 StorageWorks EVA4000 Dual Controller (2C1D) Array (AD554A)2013-12-312020-12-31
HP EVA4100 StorageWorks EVA4100 Array2014-12-312021-12-31
HP EVA4400 StorageWorks EVA4400 Dual Controller (2C) Array2014-12-312021-12-31
HP EVA5000 StorageWorks EVA5000 Dual Controller (2C2D) Array (309620-B2X)2015-12-312022-12-31
HP EVA6000 StorageWorks EVA6000 Dual Controller (2C4D) Array AD556A2013-12-312020-12-31
HP EVA6100 StorageWorks EVA6100 Dual Controller (2C4D) Array2014-12-312021-12-31
HP EVA6400 StorageWorks EVA6400 Dual Controller Array2014-12-312021-12-31
HP EVA8100 StorageWorks EVA8100 Dual Controller (2C2D) Array2014-12-312021-12-31
HP EVA8400 StorageWorks EVA8400 Dual Controller (2C12D) 144 x 450Gb 15K Disk2014-12-312021-12-31
HP DLT-VS80 Storageworks External DLT VS80 HH 40/80Gb Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP DLT2000XT Storageworks External DLT2000 15/30Gb Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP DLT80 Storageworks External DLT40 40/80Gb Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP DLT4000 Storageworks External DLT4000 20/40Gb Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP DLT7000 Storageworks External DLT7000 35/70Gb Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP SDLT220 Storageworks External SDLT220 110/220Gb Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP SDLT320 Storageworks External SDLT320 160/320Gb Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP SDLT600 Storageworks External SDLT600 300/600Gb Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP SDLT220I Storageworks Internal SDLT220 110/220Gb Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP SDLT320I Storageworks Internal SDLT320 160/320Gb Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP MSA-JBOD Storageworks MSA JBODUnknownOngoing
HP MSA1000 Storageworks MSA1000UnknownOngoing
HP MSA1000-SW2/8 Storageworks MSA1000 SAN Switch 2/8UnknownOngoing
HP MSA1500CS Storageworks MSA1500 2U Fibre Channel SAN Attach Controller ShelfUnknownOngoing
HP MSA20 Storageworks MSA20 EndedOngoing
HP MSA2000FC Storageworks MSA2000FC Fibe Channel 12 Bay Array (AJ742A SC or AJ743A DC)UnknownOngoing
HP MSA2000I Storageworks MSA2000i iSCSI 12 Bay Array (AJ746A SC or AJ747A DC)UnknownOngoing
HP MSA2000SA Storageworks MSA2000sa SCSI Attach 12 Bay Array (AJ752A SC or AJ753A DC)UnknownOngoing
HP MSA2012EXP StorageWorks MSA2012 Expansion Drawer 12 Bay (AJ749A or AJ750A)UnknownOngoing
HP MSA2012FC-G2 StorageWorks MSA2012FC G2 Fibre Channel 12 Bay Array (AJ948A NC, AJ954A SC or AJ795A DC)EndedOngoing
HP MSA2012I-G2 StorageWorks MSA2012i G2 iSCSI 12 Bay Array (AJ948A NC or AJ800A DC)UnknownOngoing
HP MSA2012SA-G2 StorageWorks MSA2012sa G2 SCSI Attach 12 Bay Array (AJ948A NC or AJ805A DC)UnknownOngoing
HP MSA2024EXP StorageWorks MSA2024 Expansion Drawer 24 Bay (MSA70 418800-B21)UnknownOngoing
HP MSA2024FC-G2 StorageWorks MSA2024FC G2 Fibre Channel 24 Bay Array (AJ949A NC, AJ955A SC or AJ797A DC)UnknownOngoing
HP MSA2024I-G2 StorageWorks MSA2024i G2 iSCSI 24 Bay Array (AJ949A NC or AJ802A DC)UnknownOngoing
HP MSA2024SA-G2 StorageWorks MSA2024sa G2 SCSI Attach 24 Bay Array (AJ949A NC or AJ807A DC)UnknownOngoing
HP MSA2212FC StorageWorks MSA2212FC Dual Enhanced Controller Fibre Channel 12 Bay Array (AJ745A)UnknownOngoing
HP MSA2312FC-G2 StorageWorks MSA2312FC G2 Dual Controller Fibre Channel 12 Bay ArrayUnknownOngoing
HP MSA2312I-G2 Storageworks MSA2312i G2 Dual Controller Modular Smart Array (LFF) (AJ800A)UnknownOngoing
HP MSA2324FC-G2 StorageWorks MSA2324FC G2 Dual Controller Fibre Channel 24 Bay ArrayUnknownOngoing
HP MSA30 Storageworks MSA30UnknownOngoing
HP MSA50 Storageworks MSA50UnknownOngoing
HP MSA500 Storageworks MSA500UnknownOngoing
HP MSA500G2 Storageworks MSA500 G2UnknownOngoing
HP MSA60 Storageworks MSA60UnknownOngoing
HP MSA70 Storageworks MSA70EndedOngoing
HP MSL2024 Storageworks MSL2024 Tape Library - 24 Slot 1-2 LTO DrivesUnknownOngoing
HP MSL2024-LTO6 Storageworks MSL2024 Tape Library - 24 Slot 1-2 LTO6 DrivesUnknownOngoing
HP MSL4048 Storageworks MSL4048 Tape Library - 48 Slot 1-4 LTO DrivesUnknownOngoing
HP MSL5026-DLT Storageworks MSL5026 Tape Library - 26 Slot 1-2 DLT 40/80 DrivesUnknownOngoing
HP MSL5026-SDLT Storageworks MSL5026 Tape Library - 26 Slot 1-2 SDLT 110/220 DrivesUnknownOngoing
HP MSL5030 Storageworks MSL5030 Tape Library - 30 Slot 1-2 LTO Ultrium 230 DrivesUnknownOngoing
HP MSL5052 Storageworks MSL5052 Tape Library - 52 Slot 1-4 SDLT 110/220 DrivesUnknownOngoing
HP MSL5060 Storageworks MSL5060 Tape Library - 60 Slot 1-4 LTO Ultrium 230 DrivesUnknownOngoing
HP MSL6026-SDLT Storageworks MSL6026 Tape Library - 26 Slot 1-2 SDLT600 DrivesUnknownOngoing
HP MSL6030 Storageworks MSL6030 Tape Library - 30 Slot 1-2 LTO3/4 DrivesUnknownOngoing
HP MSL6060 Storageworks MSL6060 Tape Library - 60 Slot 1-4 LTO3/4 DrivesUnknownOngoing
HP MSL8096 Storageworks MSL8096 Tape Library - 96 Slot 1-4 LTO4/5/6 DrivesUnknownOngoing
HP NAS-B2000-EXT Storageworks NAS B2000 External Storage 1 x 4312 Storage Enclosure (322312-001)UnknownOngoing
HP NAS-B2000-INT Storageworks NAS B2000 Internal Storage, 6 slots (322311-001)UnknownOngoing
HP NAS4000S StorageWorks NAS4000S Gateway for EVA/MSAUnknownOngoing
HP NAS2000 Storageworks Network Storage Server NAS2000UnknownOngoing
HP D2700EXP StorageWorks P2000 D2700 Expansion Drawer 25 Bay SFF (AJ941A)UnknownOngoing
HP P2012EXP StorageWorks P2000 Expansion Drawer LFF 12 Bay (AP843B)UnknownOngoing
HP P2000-MSA-G3 StorageWorks P2000 MSA G3 Array (Unknown Chassis or Controller Type?)2015-02-282022-02-28
HP P2012COMBO-MSA-G3 StorageWorks P2000COMBO MSA G3 FC/iSCSI 12 Bay LFF Array (AP838B NC or AW567B DC)2015-02-282022-02-28
HP P2024COMBO-MSA-G3 StorageWorks P2000COMBO MSA G3 FC/ISCSI 24 Bay SFF Array (AP839B NC or AW568B DC)2015-02-282022-02-28
HP P2012FC-MSA-G3 StorageWorks P2000FC MSA G3 Fiber Channel 12 Bay LFF Array (AP838B NC or AP845B DC)2015-02-282022-02-28
HP P2024FC-MSA-G3 StorageWorks P2000FC MSA G3 Fiber Channel 24 Bay SFF Array (AP839B NC or AP846B DC)2015-02-282022-02-28
HP P2012I10GBE-MSA-G3 StorageWorks P2000i10GbE MSA G3 iSCSI (10GbE) 12 Bay LFF Array (AP838B NC or AW596B DC)2015-02-282022-02-28
HP P2024I10GBE-MSA-G3 StorageWorks P2000i10GbE MSA G3 iSCSI 10GbE 24 Bay SFF Array (AP839B NC or AW597B DC)2015-02-282022-02-28
HP P2012I1GB-MSA-G3 StorageWorks P2000i1Gb MSA G3 iSCSI (1Gb) 12 Bay LFF Array (AP838B NC or BK830B DC)2015-02-282022-02-28
HP P2024I1GB-MSA-G3 StorageWorks P2000i1Gb MSA G3 iSCSI 1Gb 24 Bay SFF Array (AP839B NC,BK831B DC or BK831A)2015-02-282022-02-28
HP P2012SAS-MSA-G3 StorageWorks P2000SAS MSA G3 SAS 6G 12 Bay LFF Array (AP838B NC or AW593B DC)2015-02-282022-02-28
HP P2024SAS-MSA-G3 StorageWorks P2000SAS MSA G3 SAS 6G 24 Bay SFF Array (AP839B NC or AW594B DC)2015-02-282022-02-28
HP RA4000 StorageWorks Raid Array 4000UnknownOngoing
HP RA4100 StorageWorks Raid Array 4100 FC, 12 drive, 1 or 2 ContollerUnknownOngoing
HP SW-SAN-2/16 Storageworks SAN Switch 2/16 2Gb FC (A7340A, 240602-B21, 322118-B21 BR-3800)UnknownOngoing
HP SW-SAN-2/32 Storageworks SAN Switch 2/32 2Gb FC (240603-B21, 333764-B21 BR-3900)UnknownOngoing
HP SW-SAN-4/16 Storageworks SAN Switch 4/16 (A7985A BR-200E)UnknownOngoing
HP SW-SAN-4/32 Storageworks SAN Switch 4/32 4Gb FC (A7393A, BR-4100)UnknownOngoing
HP SW-SAN-4/8 Storageworks SAN Switch 4/8 4Gb (A8000A, A7984A)UnknownOngoing
HP SW-SAN-8/24 Storageworks SAN Switch 8/24 8Gb FC (AM868B, BR-300)UnknownOngoing
HP SW-SAN-8EL Storageworks SAN Switch 8-EL FC (176219-B21)UnknownOngoing
HP SW-ENCL-3U Storageworks Tape Enclosure Rack Mount 3U SAS (AG576A)UnknownOngoing
HP SW-VA7410 StorageWorks Virtual Array 7410 inc upto 15 x HDDUnknownOngoing
HP SW-VA-DS2405 StorageWorks Virtual Array FC Expansion DS2405 inc 15 HDDUnknownOngoing
HP SW-X3800-GW StorageWorks X3800 Network Storage Gateway (AP979A)UnknownOngoing
HP SE-1430-12TB StoreEasy 1430 12Tb (4 x 3Tb SATA LFF HDDs) NAS Storage (B7D90A)UnknownOngoing
HP SE-1430-8TB StoreEasy 1430 8Tb (4 x 2Tb SATA LFF HDDs) NAS Storage (B7D89A)UnknownOngoing
HP SE-1440-12TB StoreEasy 1440 12Tb (4 x 4Tb SATA LFF HDDs) NAS Storage (E7W73A)UnknownOngoing
HP SE-1440-16TB StoreEasy 1440 16Tb (4 x 4Tb SATA LFF HDDs) NAS Storage (E7W74A)UnknownOngoing
HP SE-1440-4TB StoreEasy 1440 4Tb (4 x 1Tb SATA LFF HDDs) NAS Storage (E7W71A)UnknownOngoing
HP SE-1440-8TB StoreEasy 1440 8Tb (4 x 2Tb SATA LFF HDDs) NAS Storage (E7W72A)UnknownOngoing
HP SE-1630-28TB StoreEasy 1630 28Tb (14 x 2Tb SATA LFF HDDs) NAS Storage (B7D95A)UnknownOngoing
HP SE-1630-3.6TB StoreEasy 1630 3.6Tb (8 x 450Gb SAS LFF HDDs) NAS Storage (B7D94A)UnknownOngoing
HP SB3830 StoreEasy 3830 Gateway Storage Blade (B7E01A )UnknownOngoing
HP SE-5530-30TB StoreEasy 5530 30Th LFF 7.2K Storage (B7E04A)UnknownOngoing
HP ULT-3000LIBFC StoreEver 1/8 G2 Ultrium 3000 (LTO-5 HH) FC Tape Autoloader (BL541B)UnknownOngoing
HP ULT-3000LIBSAS StoreEver 1/8 G2 Ultrium 3000 (LTO-5 HH) SAS Tape Autoloader (BL536A, BL536B)UnknownOngoing
HP ULT-920LIB StoreEver 1/8 G2 Ultrium 920 (LTO-3 HH) Tape Autoloader SCSI (AH165A)UnknownOngoing
HP SE-LTO5I StoreEver LTO-5 Ultrium 3000 SAS Internal Tape Drive (EH957SB)UnknownOngoing
HP LTO5-1U StoreEver LTO-5 Ultrium 3000 SAS Tape Drive in 1U Rack-mount (EJ014B)UnknownOngoing
HP 4330-1TB StoreVirtual 4330 1TB MDL SAS Storage (8 x 1Tb MDL 6G 7.2K SAS)UnknownOngoing
HP 4330-450GB StoreVirtual 4330 450GB SAS Storage (8 x 450Gb 6G 10K SAS)UnknownOngoing
HP DAT-DDS3 SureStore 12/24Gb 4mm DAT Tape Drive HH Internal (C7498A), C1537A)UnknownOngoing
HP DAT-160 SureStore 160/320Gb 4mm DAT Tape Drive HH InternalUnknownOngoing
HP DAT-40 SureStore 20/40Gb 4mm DAT Tape Drive HH InternalUnknownOngoing
HP DAT-72 SureStore 36/72Gb 4mm DAT Tape Drive HH InternalUnknownOngoing
HP DAT-DDS2 SureStore 4/8Gb 4mm DAT Tape Drive HH InternalUnknownOngoing
HP M6412-BV898A SW EVA M6412 - 2Tb FATA Hard Drive (BV898A)UnknownOngoing
HP M6412-AG690A SW EVA M6412 - 300Gb 15K FC Disk (AG690A)UnknownOngoing
HP SW-SAN-4/64 SW SAN Switch 4/64 4Gb FC (AG457A, AE495A, BR-4900B)UnknownOngoing
HP SW-3800 SWITCH 3800 48 Port 4SFP+ 10/100/100UnknownOngoing
HP ULT-1760LIB Tape Library 1/8 G2 Ultrium 1760 HH Tape Autoloader (AK377A, AJ816A)UnknownOngoing
HP ULT-232LIB Tape Library 1/8 Ultrium 232 Tape Autoloader (AF202A)UnknownOngoing
HP ULT-448LIB Tape Library 1/8 Ultrium 448 Tape Autoloader (AF203A)UnknownOngoing
HP ULT-460LIB Tape Library 1/8 Ultrium 460 Tape Autoloader (AA927A)UnknownOngoing
HP ULT-960LIB Tape Library 1/8 Ultrium 960 Tape Autoloader (AF204A)UnknownOngoing
HP TAG-P4500-G2 Telephone Advice and Guidance (TAG) Support for HP Lefthand P4500 G2UnknownOngoing
HP SW-TAG-VMS Telephone Advice and Guidance (TAG) VMS Support UnknownOngoing
HP ULT-1760-SAS-EX Ultrium 1760 External HH SAS LTO-4 Tape Drive (EH920B)UnknownOngoing
HP ULT-1760-SCSI-EX Ultrium 1760 External HH SAS LTO-4 Tape Drive (EH922B)UnknownOngoing
HP ULT-1760-SAS-I Ultrium 1760 Internal HH SAS LTO-4 Tape Drive (EH920A)UnknownOngoing
HP ULT-1760-SCSI-I Ultrium 1760 Internal HH SCSI LTO-4 Tape Drive (EH921A)UnknownOngoing
HP ULT-1840 Ultrium 1840 External LTO-4 Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP ULT-215I Ultrium 215 Internal HH LTO-1 Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP ULT-230EX Ultrium 230 External LTO-1 Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP ULT-230I Ultrium 230 Internal LTO-1 Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP ULT-232EX Ultrium 232 External HH LTO-1 Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP ULT-232I Ultrium 232 Internal HH LTO-1 Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP ULT-3280EX Ultrium 3280 External FH SAS LTO-5 Tape Drive (EH900B)UnknownOngoing
HP ULT-448EX-SAS Ultrium 448 External HH SAS LTO-2 Tape Drive (DW086A)UnknownOngoing
HP ULT-448EX Ultrium 448 External HH SCSI LTO-2 Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP ULT-448I-SAS Ultrium 448i Internal HH SAS LTO-2 Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP ULT-448I-SCSI Ultrium 448i Internal HH SCSI LTO-2 Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP ULT-460EX Ultrium 460 External SCSI LTO-2 Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP ULT-460I Ultrium 460 Internal SCSI LTO-2 Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP ULT-6250I Ultrium 6250 Internal HH LTO-6 Tape Drive (P/N C8S42AT)UnknownOngoing
HP ULT-6650 Ultrium 6650 LTO-6 Ext Tape Drive (EH964A)UnknownOngoing
HP ULT-920 Ultrium 920 External HH LTO-3 Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP ULT-960 Ultrium 960 External LTO-3 Tape DriveUnknownOngoing
HP B2600 Workstation B2600 UNIX (A6070A)UnknownOngoing
HP C3750 Workstation C3750 UNIX UnknownOngoing
HP VW4200 Workstation VW4200UnknownOngoing
HP VW4300 Workstation VW4300UnknownOngoing
HP VW4400 Workstation VW4400UnknownOngoing
HP VW4600 Workstation VW4600UnknownOngoing
HP VW6000 Workstation VW6000UnknownOngoing
HP VW6200 Workstation VW6200UnknownOngoing
HP Z800 Workstation Z800UnknownOngoing


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