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NetApp FAS2050 Overview

The FAS2050 shipped with 4Gb RAM and by offering iSCSI and FC connectivity and SAN and NAS capabilities, the FAS2050 is a flexible data store that suits many departmental and SME requirements. The FAS2050 was marketed by IBM as the N3600.

Parts and Upgrades

Com-Com's hardware brokerage division can supply and install parts or upgrades for the FAS2050 at a fraction of the price of buying new from the vendor.

If you require disk capacity or configuration assistance, contact us for a quotation.

NetApp FAS2050

Hardware Maintenance for NetApp FAS2050

Com-Com's trained NetApp engineers will be able to fix your faulty FAS2050 hardware using only original NetApp parts sourced by our brokerage team. Our on-site support contracts offer more flexible service offerings to that of NetApp, allowing you the option of mixing SLAs for critical and non-critical hardware. Combined with our flexible billing and the ability to pro-rate kit on and off the contract at any time - plus the added benefit of the provision of on-site spares, our support contracts offer excellent value for money.

NetApp FAS2050 Configuration and Expansion

The NetApp FAS2050 has a maximum internal capacity of 20 disks) but this can be expanded by attaching up to six DS14 shelves which take up to 14 SATA or FC drives or up to four of the DS4243 shelves which take up to 24 SAS or SATA drives. A total disk maximum of 104 disks.

NetApp FAS2050 upgrades and options

Vendor Part Code Description Availability
NetApp DS14DS14 Disk Shelf
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NetApp DS4243DS4243 disk shelf
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NetApp X282B-R5DSK DRV 500GB 7.2K RPM SATA B R5
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Check Availability
NetApp X286A-R5DSKDRV,144GB,15KRPM,3Gb,SAS,R5
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NetApp X287A-R5DSK DRV 300 GB 15K RPM 3Gb SAS R5
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NetApp X290A-R5DSK DRV 600GB 15K RPM 3Gb SAS R5 108-00226+A0 46X0880
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NetApp X294A-R5DSK DRV 2.0TB 7.2K RPM 1.5Gb SATA R5
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NetApp X298A-R5DSK DRV 1.0TB 7.2K RPM SATA R5
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NetApp X299A-R5DSK DRV 2.0TB 7.2K RPM 3Gb SATA R5
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