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V40z Overview and Spec

The Sun Fire V40z server is compatible with Solaris, Red hat Linux, and Windows server OS, offering greater flexibility in the datacentre.

Parts and Upgrades

Com-Com's hardware brokerage division are able to supply and install V40z parts and upgrades at a fraction of the price of buying new from the vendor.

If you require additional processor, memory or disk capacity, contact us for a quick quotation.

Sun Fire V40z Server

Hardware Maintenance for the Sun Fire V40z Server

Com-Com's fully trained Sun engineers will be able to fix your faulty hardware using only original Sun parts sourced by our brokerage team. Our on-site support contracts offer more flexible service offerings to that of Oracle, allowing you the option of mixing SLAs for critical and non-critical hardware. Coupled with our flexible billing and the ability to pro-rate kit on and off the contract at any time plus the added benefit of the provision of on-site spares, our support contracts offer excellent value for money.

End-of-life Information

ModelEnd of Oracle
Premier support
End of Com-Com
V40zOctober 2012October 2019

V40z Upgrades and Options

Vendor Part Code Description Availability
Sun X4154A-ZSUN 146GB 15K scsi LVD/U-320 RoHS
Check Availability
Sun X9254A36.4Gb 10K LVD Ultra 320 Disk
Check Availability
Sun X9256A73GB H/D U320 FOR SFV20V40Z
Check Availability
Sun X9257A146GB 10K U320 HD SFV20zV40z
Check Availability
Check Availability
Sun X9291A73GB 15KRPM U320 HD SFV20zV40z
Check Availability
Sun X7299A-Z8GB Memory Kit (2 x 4GB Sun DIMMs)
Check Availability
Sun X9251A1GB Sun Memory Kit for Sun Fire V20Z
Check Availability
Sun X9252A2GB Sun Memory Kit for Sun Fire V20Z
Check Availability
Sun X9266ASUN 4 GB MEMORY (2 X 2GB)
Check Availability
Sun X9295ASUN 1GB Memory Kit ( 2x512MB)
Check Availability
Sun X9296ASUN 2GB Memory Kit ( 2x 1GB)
Check Availability
Sun X9296A-Z2GB (2x1GB) for Sun Fire V20z V40z
Check Availability
Sun X9297ASUN 4Gb Memory Kit (2x2GB) for V20 & V40z
Check Availability
Sun 7242A2.2GHz CPU AMD Opteron 848
Check Availability
Sun 7248A
Check Availability
Sun 9287A2.2 Ghz CPU/Heatsink, AMD Opteron 848
Check Availability
Sun 9288ASun Fire V40z System Board
Check Availability
Sun 9869ASun Microsystems Opteron 850 CPU
Check Availability
Sun 9870AAMD OPTERON 852
Check Availability
Sun 9897A2.0ghz DC Opteron 870 processor, RoHS:Y
Check Availability
Sun 9898ASun Microsystems Opteron 875 CPU
Check Availability
Sun X4053A-Z2.8GHz Dual Core CPU, AMD Opte
Check Availability
Sun X7244A-Z2.8ghz AMD Opteron 854 processor, RoHS:Y
Check Availability
Sun X7248A371-0291,370-7747,370-7746
Check Availability
Sun X7248A-Z371-0291,370-7747,370-7746
Check Availability
Check Availability
Sun X8212A-Z3.0GHZ CPU AMD 856 ROHSY
Check Availability
Sun X9869AAMD Opteron 850 2.4GHz CPU
Check Availability
Sun X9869A-Z2.4GHZ CPU AMD 850 ROHSY
Check Availability
Sun X9870A2.6GHz CPU AMD Opteron 852 E4 Stepping RoHS:Y for V40z
Check Availability
Sun X9870A-Z2.6GHZ CPU AMD 852 ROHSY
Check Availability

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