Sun Fire and SPARC T-Series

Maintenance and Hardware for Oracle Sun Fire and SPARC T-Series

Sun Fire and SPARC T-Series Series Overview

The Sun Fire and SPARC T-Series was originally announced in 2005 using the SPARC T1 processor and there have been four generations using successive versions of the SPARC T chip and is still evolving with current models such as the SPARC T4-1 which utilises the SPARC T4 processor.
Sun T-Series T2000

Parts, Upgrades and Complete Servers for Sun Fire and SPARC T-Series

Despite some servers in the Sun Fire and SPARC T-Series being beyond their last shipment date from Sun/Oracle, Com-Com continue to supply parts, upgrades and complete servers extending the life of equipment, providing greater ROI and freedom for customers to decide their own budgetary and migration timetables.

With a large inventory of quality Sun Fire and SPARC T-Series hardware, Com-Com offer immediate availability for most upgrades and even complete systems. Sun qualified sales and engineering professionals can provide help with everything from specification through to installation, configuration and on-going support.

Hardware and Software Maintenance for Sun Fire and SPARC T-Series

With Premier Support for Hardware from Oracle ending for some some models from January 2015 on the Sun Fire and SPARC T-Series (see table below for dates by model) planning now to ensure continuity of support is essential. Com-Com offer a high quality alternative support option and with typically 40% off Sun/Oracle support costs, the savings from Com-Com are very attractive as well...

We've done the logistics planning, so you can continue to use your systems and work to your own timescales from replacement/migration. We are supporting Sun Fire Enterprise already and are committing to extend support on certain models into the 2020s.

Sun Fire and SPARC T-Series End-of-life Information

Com-Com offer an 'Oracle+7' support option under which most models will continue to be supported for seven years past Oracle's 'End of premier support' date. End of manufacturer support information is correct according to the information we have at the time of compilation. For the official manufacturer position you should contact Oracle.

On-site hardware maintenance

Manufacturer/ModelEnd of
(some dates may be estimated)
Com-Com support
until date
Sun T5220-4C Sparc Enterprise T5220 - 4 CoreUnknownOngoing
Sun T5220-8C Sparc Enterprise T5220 - 8 Core2016-09-012023-09-01
Sun SPARC-T3-1-8C SPARC T3-1 Server - 8 Core2017-08-012024-08-01
Sun SPARC-T3-2-16C SPARC T3-2 Server - 16 Core2017-08-012024-08-01
Sun SPARC-T4-1-128GB SPARC T4-1 Server - 8 Core, 128Gb RamUnknownOngoing
Sun SPARC-T4-1-16GB SPARC T4-1 Server - 8 Core, 16Gb RamUnknownOngoing
Sun SPARC-T4-1-256GB SPARC T4-1 Server - 8 Core, 256Gb RamUnknownOngoing
Sun SPARC-T4-1-32GB SPARC T4-1 Server - 8 Core, 32Gb RamUnknownOngoing
Sun SPARC-T4-1-512GB SPARC T4-1 Server - 8 Core, 512Gb RamUnknownOngoing
Sun SPARC-T4-1-64GB SPARC T4-1 Server - 8 Core, 64Gb RamUnknownOngoing
Sun T1000 SunFire T10002015-01-312022-01-31
Sun T2000-4C SunFire T2000 - 4 Core2015-01-012022-01-01
Sun T2000-8C SunFire T2000 - 8 Core2015-01-012022-01-01
Sun T5120 SunFire T5120UnknownOngoing
Sun T5140 SunFire T51402016-09-012023-09-01
Sun T5240-8C SunFire T5240 - 1 x 8C CPU2017-02-012024-02-01
Sun T5240-16C SunFire T5240 - 2 x 8C CPUUnknownOngoing
Sun T5440-4W SunFire T5440 - 4 WayUnknownOngoing

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