Sun Fire V-Series

Maintenance and Hardware for Oracle Sun Fire V-Series

Sun Fire V-Series Overview

The Sun Fire V-Series was announced in 2001 at the same time as the UltraSPARC III processor was introduced. The range includes machines from entry level to mid-range rackmount and cabinet servers.

Most models were based on Sun's UltraSPARC III and IV CPUs, some models were offered with Intel Xeon processors (x suffix models) and AMD Opteron (z suffix) processors. The z suffix was also used to identify the V880z Visualization Server version of the V880.
Sun Fire v490

Parts, Upgrades and Complete Servers for Sun Fire V-Series

Despite all servers in the V-Series being beyond their last shipment date from Sun/Oracle, Com-Com continue to supply parts, upgrades and complete servers extending the life of equipment, providing greater ROI and freedom for customers to decide their own budgetary and migration timetables.

With a large inventory of quality Sun V-Series hardware, Com-Com offer immediate availability for most upgrades and even complete systems. Sun qualified sales and engineering professionals can provide help with everything from specification through to installation, configuration and on-going support.

Hardware and Software Maintenance for SunFire V-Series

With Premier Support for Hardware from Oracle ending between March 2011 and April 2014 on the V-Series Server (see table below for dates by model) planning now to ensure continuity of support is essential. Com-Com offer a high quality alternative support option and with typically 40% off Sun/Oracle support costs, the savings from Com-Com are very attractive as well...

We've done the logistics planning, so you can continue to use your systems and work to your own timescales from replacement/migration. We are supporting a large SunFire V-Series base already and are committing to extend support on certain models up to April 2021.

Sun Fire V-Series End-of-life Information

Com-Com offer an 'Oracle+7' support option under which most models will continue to be supported for seven years past Oracle's 'End of premier support' date.

ModelEnd of Oracle
Premier support
End of Com-Com
V20zNovember 2012November 2019
V40zOctober 2012October 2019
V60xApril 2011April 2018
V65xApril 2011April 2018
V100June 2011June 2018
V120June 2011June 2018
V125July 2013July 2020
V210November 2012November 2019
V215July 2013July 2020
V240November 2012November 2019
V245July 2013July 2020
V250September 2011September 2018
V440November 2012November 2019
V445July 2013July 2020
V480March 2011March 2018
V490April 2014April 2021
V880June 2011June 2018
V880zJune 2011June 2018
V890April 2014April 2021
V1280April 2013April 2020

Oracle 'end of premier support' information is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of writing. Please check with Oracle for their up-to-date position.

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